Best online casinos for blackjack

Play your best hand when you check out these best online casinos for blackjack.

Simple enough it may seem to be able to select the best online casinos for blackjack gaming good times. When choosing the top casino sites to play a game of blackjack, players need to be selective, and look out for online casino gambling sites that offer the following:

High percentage payouts with the blackjack online slot games on offer

Great blackjack bonus offers, where you’ll need to be sure of the stipulated Ts&Cs

Keep a keen eye out also for online casino sites that offer blackjack online slot games across multiple platforms, as this is the best way to ensure you can keep playing your hand anywhere – everywhere – anytime! What I mean by referring to ‘multiple platforms’, this of course includes multiple devices, is a reference to the ability to login to your favourite safe casino online, and play your best blackjack game, via your desktop, your mobile device, or your smartphone – whatever your desired choice of platform or device. When you’ve selected a top-notch casino for online blackjack playing – you’ll have multiple platform access, at your fingertips.

By choosing to play blackjack online slots and making the effort to find the best casinos for blackjack, you are quintessentially taking your luck into your own hands and ensuring your journey along a path straight to blackjack wins.

Blackjack Basics
As with all things in life, one cannot expect to master any bit of any experience or outcome, before one has a handle on the basic elements involved in said experience or event. The same goes for playing Blackjack online, and playing it at their favourite safe online casino.

So, here are the basics:

  • Blackjack comprises a game that uses a traditional deck of cards
    – traditional = 52 cards, 4 different suites (diamond, club, spade, heart), 2 colours (red, black)
  • The main aim of blackjack is to hold a hand that totals an amount of 21 points
  • Blackjack scoring is as follows:
    Ace = 11 or 1 (depending on your hand, you will choose which is more apt to use)
    Face cards = 10 (this is your Jack, Queen, and King cards)
    2-10 cards = equivalent to card value, eg. 7 of hearts = 7 points

Blackjack online terminology to know

Be in the know, and ace your way to a great blackjack online win!

Words to know are:

a hand: this refers to the cards that the dealer deals to each blackjack online game player. Each player is dealt 2 cards, the minimum amount of cards needed to qualify for a blackjack win.

hit: when a player takes another card, to add to their current hand (to aim for that 21 win)

stand: this is when a player decides to keep their current hand as is (they feel they are already closest to 21 than they will be, with their current hand).

split: this is when a player takes 2 cards of the same value, and ‘splits’ their hand to create two separate hands. This, of course, will entail that the player will need to place two bets down, once they have split their hand.

double down: this is when a player decides to add an additional bet to their current hand; this entails the player having to take ONLY one more card.

surrender: this is when a blackjack online slot player decides to drop out of the current hand in play, and relinquish half of their current bet in the process.

Tips for playing a winning hand
The next step is to get to playing your best hand of blackjack online and to do so, you may want to check out these few simple tricks and tips to winning at your blackjack slot game.

Tip 1: Always remember that you as the blackjack online slot player will be playing against the dealer, and not the fellow blackjack players you will find at your table. The dealer is also a representative of the house (the online casino gambling site that you have chosen to get your blackjack game on at) – therefore blackjack players play against the house – always.

Tip 2: Seating (even when playing online, this is then referring to your placement along the virtual blackjack betting table) is very important when playing blackjack at your safe online casino site. To get the best seat in the house, you’ll want to opt for the third base seating position. This is NOT actually the third position, but is called that. It is in actuality the seat furthest from the dealer, making it such that the dealer deals to this player last. By taking up this seating position, the player ensures they get the optimum position of being able to see what all the other players decide to do with their current hand, particularly the dealer, as it is after-all the dealer that each blackjack player plays against.

Now that you’re familiar with the bare minimum basics of a blackjack online game, and now that you got to know the blackjack terminology as well; and should you decide to keep in mind the blackjack playing tips, as mentioned above, chances are that you’ll be well on your way to some great blackjack wins.

Playing at the best casinos for blackjack is a sure-fire way to improve your blackjack skills, and up your luck too.

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