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Game on – who’s who in the big zoo of gaming titles? Do you prefer games offered by software giants, Microgaming, Net Entertainment, iSoft Gaming or who? Where do you go to find adequate game play on your favourite and best slots online? Here is a quick look at how to spot the best slots online today.

Game play and whether it is top quality, an average offering, or just plain outright no good, is dependent on a number of elements. Indeed, when it comes to gauging which of the innumerable online slots to play and dub them as being ‘the best slots online’, is perhaps the most impossible job imaginable. Having said that – one thing that you do not want your best slots online list to have is weak game play functionality, and a low responsiveness rate on ay of your games.

Settling in to your favourite online slot game; what every gaming player will tell you is that the worst thing to happen, is to be met with poor technology of the game construct in general. So, when looking for the best online slot games to play, avid gamers tend to rely on known software developers, preferring slot games from software developers they have already enjoyed games by.

For example, you may find a player prefers to play games created by Playtech software, therefore, any new game released by Playtech software, for instance, will then have that particular game player’s vote, and that particular new game may indeed end up on said player’s list of best slots online.

All in all, it is best to realise that creating the ‘best of’ list, will always be from a bias point-of-view, and many variables may factor in, when choosing the best slots online to play.

What are casino online slots?
An online slot game is a game offered by online casino gambling sites, where players are given a wide range of genres and types of online slots to choose from. The typical online slot game takes the form of a video slot, and comprises anything from 3-100 reels, with any number of paylines included. The most common type of online slot available these days are your 5 reel, 25 payline slots. These are great, as they offer players quite a number of possible winning combinations to strike it lucky with.

The main aspect about online slot games, that sets it apart from most other online games, is the Random Number Generator (RNG) system that selects – at random – it’s winning combinations. This RNG system ensures the bonus symbols and higher paying symbols of any given online slot game is randomly selected and presented to any given player, making it a fair game for each player, every time.

What is the RTP of an online slot?
So, what is the RTP percentage? RTP is short for: Return To Player. This percentage is the average of wins this particular game has paid out to players, versus the amount of bets said players have wagered on the game during game play. The RTP percentage of most online slots, and indeed the best slots online, are calculated and determined regularly by independent third parties, to ensure and validate the fair gambling practices of each online slot.

These independent third parties update the Random Number Generator systems of each online slot game, this way making it quite impossible to cheat wins out of any online slot, and accordingly, assuring players they are continually playing the best in online slots.

Where to find the best online slots?
From the onset, you’ll want to rate each online slot game on offer to players, by its responsiveness, it’s game play functionality and the RTP percentage of the online slot game. You’ll also be wanting to double check the bonuses on offer when playing these online slots in question, as the more bonus features available to players, the better the game play experience for the player in general.

Accordingly, the best place to look for these best slots online bonus offers, would be to scour the world wide web, in search of some ready-made lists of casino offers, and peruse the new slot game variants on offer at the top safe casinos online.

Following on from a top slots online list, you’ll be wanting to check in on the online slot game player’s forums and review sites, to double check what your online slots playing peers have to say about any particular game.

When all’s said and done, when you’ve signed up and opened a gaming account with any of the top safe casino online gambling sites, you’ll no doubt have received a key to the world’ best slots online too. Simply stretch out on your sofa, log in to your gaming account, and let the good times, safe online casino best slots playing begin.

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