Frequently Asked Questions


What is the house advantage in blackjack?

The House Advantage for a typical game of Blackjack has been worked out to be the following:

-The House Advantage (aka the House Edge) is 0.5% when making use of Basic Strategy

-The House Advantage increases when utilising any other strategy besides the Basic Strategy

-Novice Blackjack players can also expect to have the House Advantage increase by at least 1.5%, taking the House
Advantage to approximately 2%


What casino game has the best odds for the player?

There is the aspect to a current, up-to-date, fully fledged casino online game title, that it usually has embedded within its make-up some information about the Return To Player percentage that accompanies said game title. Given the above fact, it is quite true (and safe) to make the assumption that the casino game that has the best odds for the player is indeed the casino online game title that includes the RTP % within their gameplay information interface, as this is by far the most informative mode of gameplay for players, seeing as though they will know if the game title in question has the propensity to payout to players, this way being a surefire way for the player to garner whether the gameplay odds are in their favour or not.

What is the richest casino in the world?
What is 4 to 1 odds?

The odds of something being 4:1 simply means that there is a likelihood of a certain event (for example a win occurring) to take place 4 times out of 5 instances, while a fifth event would take place 1 time, for example, the loss of any particular game title in question. With odds of 4:1, we can take a monetary example to further explain the notion more clearly. Should the 4:1 ratio be represented by an original stake wagered of £100, then with this example of odds, the player will walk away with £400 of a £500 stake. A pretty decent odd to go up against and win with, indeed.

What do the odds 2 7 mean?

The odds 2:7 refers to the following: Out of 9 instances of a particular event, (for example, spinning about on ones favourite casino online gambling site game titles), there will be 2 instances of one particular event (for example, winning the casino online casino game titles) and 7 instances of another particular event (for example, losing the particular casino online gaming site game title). Playing any given game with the 2:7 odds attached is bound to give a very happy moment for any given player that employs the tactics of maximising and transforming the favourable odds towards the player in question.

What do casinos have to pay out?


Casinos are supposed to payout any winnings that any given player part of the player community of said casino has won while playing any one of the game titles on offer for gameplay at said casino. The casino in question holds every right to strictly employ and adhere to wagering requirements for any promotional bonus offer made available to any given casino online gameplay accordingly.

The payout is subject to the player having been fully compliant with all Terms & Conditions, particularly wagering requirements as stipulated about any given promotional bonus offer, where should the player not be compliant, would inevitably forfeit the winnings incurred. The casino online gambling site will need to advise players accordingly if withdrawal processes may take longer than 24-hours when the player makes use of eWallets, and if the player is using more conventional withdrawal and banking methods, then the usual 4-5 working days should be advised to the player accordingly as well.

What are the odds of war in a casino?

The option of either one of two that the player will need to take up:

Option 1:  The player chooses to surrender, which means being able to walk away with half of their original bet placed

Option 2: The player chooses to ‘go to war’, which means placing another bet, equivalent to their original bet placed, and going head to head with the dealer once again.

Should the player decide to place a side bet on the Casino Ware game at any stage, this means a bet that the card they are dealt will be tie with the dealer’s card, then this side bet carries the odds of being 10:1. When it comes to the odds of option 1 and option 2. The house edge is always sitting at 2.88% when the player decides to go to war, with a tie. Whereas the house edge will always jump to 3.70% when the player chooses to surrender.

What is the best game to play at the casino to win money?

To find the best game to play, to win money at any given casino online gaming site, players will need to check out the various casino online slot game forums, and take the word of other players that have gone the distance and spent a few hours playing the various casino online slot games accordingly. Once a list of a few of the more popular casino online slot games have been made clear to you, the next thing we advise to do is to check out these particular casino online slot games, and take a squizz at the casino online game in questions’ paytable, complete with the list of winning combinations and possible payouts. It would probably also be wise to try to find out what the said casino online slot games’ RTP % is. Once all of the above has been determined, the next thing to do would be to give your top picks a whirl or two, we suggest trying out the casino online slot game via their practice play mode, this way giving every opportunity to get the hand of the casino online slot game, without having to part with your real money just yet.

How To Win At A Casino

In order to win at a casino, we advise all avid casino online game title players to employ the following steps, or rather tricks of the trade, or even if you prefer, we can simply call it: tips on how to win at a casino:

1. Before anything else, select a reputable and safe casino to get your gameplay mode on

2. Set a gambling limit for yourself, and by all means, come rain, hail, snow, sleet – stick to it!

3. Know the game that you will embark on playing, and know it well. Research what the game titles’ winning odds are, and if playing a slot machine game, be sure to find out the Return To Player (RTP) percentage before engaging in hours of gameplay.

4. Similarly to the above tip, if possible, go a round or two, or ten or twenty in the practice play mode, so to get a grip on the online casino game before committing your money to it.

5. Keep your pocket watch (or smartphone with a digital clock) handy, and ell within your reach, as you will not want to lose track of time. Set an alarm if you need to, allocate yourself a good amount of gameplay time, but thereafter, take a step away from the game, go grab yourself a glass of water, or a light snack, and take a break from playing every so often – square eyes do not make for winning moments. Trust us!

6. Whatever you do, DO NOT PLAY DRUNK! This is just a recipe for reckless playing, seeped in an inhibition-free gaming zone. Not a good look at all.

7. When playing a slot machine game, play with the maximum coin bet size, as this will ensure the maximum payout too.

8. Cash out as soon as the time you have allocated for yourself is up, or when your personal limit set has been reached, or alternatively when a rather big win has been won.

9. Above all things – don’t be greedy, and have fun!!

What casino game has the best chance of winning?

The fact that most casino online game titles have a fair and accredited auditing system involved with the creation and playing processes of each great online casino game means that it is also a common practice to ensure each game has included in its gameplay statistics made public to players, the game titles in questions Return To Player (RTP) percentage. Generally speaking, when a game title has an RTP % of more than 92.5%, then that specific game title will have a high probability of issuing players a good chance of winning. When searching for the casino games (or games) with the best chance of winning, your best bet would be to opt for a game title that holds a high RTP % and wager away as you play away, making way for the big wins to come.

What is the highest payout casino game?

It may not be as easy as simply being given a game title name that one should play, in order to grab the best odds for players when wanting to find out about any particular casino game, but when looking at the Return To Player (RTP) percentage of any given game, it can only be agreed that the player is surely made aware of the type of payout probabilities and propensities said gaming title is comprised of.

Why Can’t I Join an Exclusive Tournament?

Some Basic reasons you may not qualify include:

  • You are not a member of LCB
  • You have multiple membership accounts under one IP address
  • LCB has discovered you have shared the private password with someone who is not a member of LCB
  • You have more than one account at participating Casino
  • You’re not in good standing with the Casino
Why Doesn’t the No Deposit Bonus Code I Tried to Claim Not Work?

Some Reasons Why ND Code May Not Work:

  • The Code was entered incorrectly and is not valid
  • The Code has expired
  • You cannot claim two or more ND Bonuses in a row without making a deposit in between
  • The Casino has labeled you as a ‘Bonus Abuser’ claiming too many, too frequently

If you feel you were denied a ND Bonus in error, contact Casino Support. If it is an LCB Exclusive ND Bonus and it was declined contact an LCB team member for help.

What's an E-Wallet?

Having an E-Wallet account is a safe and secure payment system that stores your personal bank cards. It is also a hassle free way for making deposit/withdrawals using your E-Wallet without having to enter your personal credit/debit card information each time. It is a fast and easy way to make purchases.


What are the odds of winning at 3 card poker?

Given the approximate odds as mentioned in the table below, one can clearly see that 3 card poker certainly has the odds in its favour for making it a marvellously fun-filled game all the way.

Name of hand Odds
Pair 1:1
Flush 3:1
Straight 6:1
Three-of-a-Kind 30:1
Straight Flush 40:1


Can dealer control roulette wheel?

It may be possible for the dealer to ‘section shoot’ and ultimately control the outcomes of a roulette game, one would need to ask the next question: why would the dealer be wanting to control the roulette wheel at all? What will the dealer have to gain? In most instances, the dealer would not want just any particular player to win, and would similarly not one just any one particular player to lose, therefore the intention for why a dealer would want to control the roulette wheel would need to be monetary motives. In this case, there are indeed very strict and stringent anti-theft and anti-cheating regulations in place in most casinos, therefore would the dealer really want to jeopardise their job, just for a few controlled spins of the roulette wheel? I guess that is the ultimate question that needs answering.

Do roulette wheels have magnets?

A gaffed wheel is quite simply, a wheel that employs magnets whereby the casino house will be able to cheat players out of a natural roulette gameplay and accordingly out of potentially winning some cold hard cash money. Generally speaking, one needs to avoid illegal casinos at all costs, as it would most likely be the illegal casino that will employ the use of roulette wheels that have electromagnetic components embed within the roulette wheel. One may be able to spot a gaffed wheel by the fact that it looks quite different to a normalised and standard roulette wheel. So, be sure to know your roulette game, and what the roulette wheel looks like, in order to be sure you are not being duped and playing on a roulette wheel with magnets.

What are the orphans in roulette?

The Orphelin, or rather, the Orphan numbers are represented by the numbers on either side of the right and left side of the roulette wheel. Simply put, the Orphelins are the numbers that do not belong to a Voisins du Zero or the Tiers du Cylindre roulette systems and this is precisely why it is termed the Orphans. Quintessentially the Orphelins roulette system takes place within side bets, where typically it consists of an 8 numbers, 5 chips call bet on the following numbers:

1 (En Plein)


What does Voisins du Zero mean?

This French expression is directly translated as literally meaning: neighbours of zero.  The numbers that one can expect to see that happen to be these ‘neighbours of zero’ are as follows:

22,18,29,7,28,12,35,3,26,the number zero,32,15,19,4,21,2,25.

One can clearly see that these numbers are indeed the neighbours of zero, as they coexist alongside the number zero, finding a perfectly positioned place directly on either side of the ever-popular roulette number: zero.


What is a Neighbour Bet in Roulette?

The neighbouring bet comprises of the following:

  • Comprises 5 numbers
  • A number selected to bet on, The 2 numbers located on the right side of the roulette wheel, next to this chosen number will also be included in this neighbouring bet
  • As well as the 2 numbers located on the left side of the roulette wheel, next to the chosen number is to be included in the neighbouring bet

For example, perhaps a player would choose to bet on the number ‘0’, then the neighbouring numbers to zero would be chosen as well, to complete the neighbouring bet. Therefore the following numbers will be chosen, in this example:

3, 26, 0, 32 and 15

What is the line bet in roulette?

The line bets found within a good game of casino online roulette happens to be quite similar to that of ‘street bets’ within the roulette gameplay system, where the bet would be placed on any number with a 3 number row; however, in the case of a line bet during roulette gameplay, the difference lies in the fact that instead of placing the bet within 1 row consisting of 3 numbers, the bet can be placed on 2 rows, each consisting of 3 numbers.

What is the longest streak of one colour in Roulette?

The longest streak of one colour in roulette took place in an American land-based casino sometime in 1943. What happened was that the colour red was won 32 consecutive times in a row. Usually an 8 or 9 times in a row is believable, but this longest streak of one colour has indeed made the history books.

What is the payout for 00 in roulette?

If the American Roulette casino online game player opts for a ‘row bet’, and when the roulette ball happens to land on the ‘0’ or ‘00’ number, then the payout will be 17/1. This row bet is not offered in the French Roulette or European Roulette systems, as they do not have a double zero number included in their particular roulette system.

How much do you win if you hit a number in roulette?

So, here is a quick glance view of what the various roulette numbers are and what their odds happen to be:

Number on the roulette wheel Odds of winning with this number
0 35 : 1
00 35 : 1
Straight up 35 : 1
Row 17 : 1
Split 17 : 1
Street 11 : 1
Corner 8 : 1
 Top Line 6 : 1
Six line 5 : 1
1st Column 2 : 1
2nd Column 2 : 1
3rd Column 2 : 1
1st Dozen 2 : 1
2nd Dozen 2 : 1
3rd Dozen 2 : 1
Odd 1 : 1
Even 1 : 1
Red 1 : 1
Black 1 : 1
1 to 18 1 : 1
19 to 36 1 : 1


How do you play Roullete?

The Roulette wheels contain the numbers between 0 and 36, Each number is marked either in red or in black, except for the zero which is green.  There is no skill involved in Roulette. The Roulette table is generally green, and sports an elaborate layout for placing bets as well as the wheel. To determine the winning number on the roulette table, a small ball is dropped into the wheel, while the wheel is turned rapidly. The ball comes to rest on one number, and that number is the winner.


What is a payline on a slot machine?

The payline is the part of the casino online slot game that holds the line upon which payouts will be made based on the winning combinations that fall on that particular payline. Many casino online slot games these days have anything from 1 to 100 paylines. Therefore it is important to note that should you, as the avid casino online game player, decide to only play a few of the paylines available within the particular casino online game, there will only be winning combinations that can be paid out to you on the active paylines.

What is a scatter symbol in slots?

The scatter symbol looks and behaves quite differently to the other symbols. The scatter symbol can easily usher in a win, without even needing to be part of a winning combination. Scatter symbols are so ‘powerful’ that they indeed are the only symbol within a casino online slot game that cannot and will not be substituted for by a Wild symbol, and this is also due to the fact that a scatter symbol does not need to be part of a win line to bring a win for the player in question.

What does the pay table mean in slots?

The paytable is the part of the interface embedded in a gaming title that will showcase to the player at hand what the various symbols combinations and coins wagered against will result in points garnered. For example, the pay table lists all the possible winning combinations and payouts that are due to the player for any given coin size that has been wagered against any particular winning combination.

Pay tables are a good way for the casino online gaming sites’ game player to suss out the game title, before getting fully stuck in a game or two of real-life, real money gameplay, as well as a great way to entice new players into giving any particular casino online game a whirl, as the paytable will show the player, at a quick glance, what the winning combinations of symbols will be, and what the player will need to aim for and look out for, as well as if there are any specific types of bonus specialities that exist within the game title in question.

Which casino has the most slot machines in the world?

Check out the list of the top ten largest casinos in the world, with the leading criteria being most slot machines on offer for avid casino game players to play:

Name of top ten casino Number of slot machines available at casino
WinStar World Casino in Oklahoma 7471 slot games on offer
Empire City at Yonkers Raceway in New York 5300 slot games on offer
Mohegan Sun in Connecticut 5000 slot games on offer
Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Florida 5000 slot games on offer
Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut 4800 slot games on offer
Hipódromo Argentino de Palermo in Argentina 4600 slot games on offer
Twin River Casino in Rhode Island 4268 slot games on offer
Maryland Live! Casino in Maryland 4200 slot games on offer
Resorts World Casino in New York City 4094 slot games on offer
Choctaw Casino Resort in Oklahoma 4000 slot machine games

What is a loose slot machine?

A loose slot machine is a casino online gaming sites slot machine that offers frequent payouts, and great payouts too. The loose slot machine will have a Return To Player percentage that is quite high, therefore it would definitely be a choice decision to look out for these loose slot machines when looking to get some solid, and lucrative, gameplay moments under one’s game player belt.