How do you play Mahjong?

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Mahjong is not a new addition to the world of gaming. This calculated game that requires skill, strategy and intense concentration was designed by none other than Confucius himself, in 500 BC. The fact that the three cardinal tiles of the game are representative of the three cardinal virtues of life, is just further testament to the fact that Confucius is believed to be the originator of this game.

For example, the tiles in question are named as follows:

  • Zhōng: which stands for benevolence
  • Bái Bǎn: which stands for filial piety
  • Fā Cái: which stands for sincerity

Just judging from the above, one can clearly see why Mahjong has captured the imaginations of many ardent casino online game players, as well as various game players, throughout the centuries, the world over.

Since its inception, this game has been the source of countless hours of gameplay entertainment fun for scores of generations and thousands of individuals throughout all time.

The great thing about Mahjong is that it is also nowadays available for gameplay on each and every ardent casino online player’s gambling site portal too; which means even more scope to get some Mahjong gameplay fun times in.

Being a Chinese game originally, it is quite something that this particular game has also taken to Japanese players, as well as Korean players too. The difference though between the Chinese version of Mahjong is that in the Chinese way involved four players. The Japanese and Korean version only need three players to take part in a game of Mahjong; and there is even the Solitaire Mahjong game, which of course only consists of one player.

The main aim of Mahjong as a game is for each player to try to get to a count of 14 tiles, of which there consist 4 melds. It is also important for each player to recognise and adhere to the rhythm of each Mahjong round of gameplay, which is the stipulated and previously agreed upon amount of time allocated to each player with which they are allowed to make their move and arrange their tiles accordingly. Each player needs to adhere to this rhythm of gameplay, and keep the game moving, to avoid overly lengthy processes and Mahjong hands, ultimately avoiding lengthy rounds of gameplay and Mahjong as well.

What are the common gameplay processes of Mahjong?
Mahjong gameplay online is just like the Mahjong gameplay offline, and there are certain rules of engagement that will need to be adhered to, to ensure a free-flowing type of gameplay all the way.

The fundamentals of Mahjong is that there are 136 tiles, each comprised of a specific character or symbol. The players will then choose x36 of these tiles each, and organise these x36 tiles into a duo of tiles, made up of x18 tiles in each row. The players will then be encouraged to push their tiles into a square formation. As the game continues on, it is a matter of discarding and drawing tiles accordingly. With, as mentioned before, the main aim of landing the winning hand of 14 tiles and 4 melds.

Which brings us to the next step in this attempt to clarify what Mahjong is, and how to play Mahjong.

What is a meld, you may ask? Well, simply put, a meld comprises a group of 3 tiles and a matched couple.

There is also a Pung, that players will need to know what it is exactly, in order to successfully play Mahjong. A Pung comprises x2 identical tiles, which are to be added to the discarded tiles.

Another bit of useful terminology, is knowing what a Chow is? A Chow comprises x2 additional tiles.

So, in summation: as is mentioned above, players will shuffle the 136 tiles, they will choose 36 of these tiles to be their own to play with, out of the 36 tiles, they usually tend to arrange these tiles into x2 rows, consisting of 18 tiles for each row. Once ready to start playing, they will begin to push their tiles into a square, hoping to draw and discard tiles accordingly, so to be left with a legal hand, a winning hand, which consists of 14 tiles and a meld (3 tiles plus a couple). Pretty straight forward, right?

Okay, maybe not too straight forward right from the onset, but as one gets to playing more hands of Mahjong, the easier and the more intuitive the entire gameplay happens to be.

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Each variation of Mahjong, be it the Chinese way or the Japanese way r the Korean way, will have various ways of choosing the dealer during the Mahjong gameplay.

For matters of keeping things consistent, we will discuss briefly the most common way for the dealer to be chosen when playing Mahjong.

There is the option of simply rolling the dice, and the player that lands the highest total score will then be handed the East Wind tile, which will make this player the dealer. Important to note here, for all novices, the East Wind tile holder will always be the dealer.

Next up is deciding seating positions between players. Again, each Mahjong variation will no doubt have their own rules and regulations when it comes to seating positions for players. Here we will discuss how it is done when playing the Chinese Mahjong version.

Players place the four wind tiles faced down, each of the four players will select one wind tile. The player that selects the East Wind tile will be the dealer, as mentioned above. The player with the South Wind tile will sit to the right of the dealer. The player with the West Wind tile will sit directly opposite, or in front of the dealer. The player with the North Wind tile will be seated to the left of the dealer.

It is perhaps important t note here that with each round, and there are four rounds for each game of Mahjong, the dealer will not remain the same player. The dealer will always be the player that lands the East Wind tile after each completed round.

A round consists of no less than four hands, with each round ending with a winning wind being named.

With just the basics of Mahjong being highlighted above, one can clearly see why this game is considered a complex game, meant for individuals that favour games that require skill, strategy and concise calculations to ensure a good game is played.

Why not log in to your favourite safe casino online gaming portal today, and give the game of Mahjong a whirl – Who knows, you may just become the very next best Mahjong player yet.

You’ll only know if you try, right? Right! Check it out now, and be counted among the millions of players that have come and gone the centuries, decades, years before – and had a hand or two fo Mahjong pass through their fingertips. Go get yours!

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