How to manage my online casino bankroll?

How to manage my online casino bankroll? Here’s a quick guide on what to do to keep your online casino bankroll sorted.

Step into a great way to up your management skills of your online casino bankroll, and do so quickly and effortlessly.

First of all, you will want to know your online casino gaming account’s up-to-date balance, and accordingly keep this in mind. Set a limit to what you would like to play with, and remember to only play online slot games while sticking to your means.

Glossary of online casino gambling terms
In order for novice players to be able to even begin to think about pursuing avenues to improve their bankroll and management thereof, these new to online casino gaming type of players will need to brush up on the online casino industry terminology, and accordingly be able to manage their game play strategies and expectations too.

Here are a few basic terms all players will need to familiarise themselves with:

Online Casino: Also referred to as the ‘house’, this is the online gambling site players access via their web browser, or the casino in question’s mobile app. This is the portal that houses the gaming lobby, as well as all other services offered by said online casino gambling site.

Online Slots: This is the actual online games that are offered by online casino gambling sites, for each player to get involved in and play. This is a type of game, that includes at least 3 reels, and can go up to as many as 100 reels. There are all manners of casino online slots available to play, with a plethora of gaming titles, genres, themes – and possible online slot bonus rewards too to be won.

Terms and Conditions: Also known as: Ts & Cs, this particular term refers to the Terms and Conditions of any online casino or said casino’s Promotional terms and conditions. This is usually presented as a type of legal document that contains certain conditions, precautions, statements, disclaimers, and will generally tend to stipulate certain requirements involved in allowing for great entertainment and good gaming fun.

Wagers and Wager requirements: All players will be required to place a wager (aka a bet), in order to enjoy some real gambling games online with a possibility to actually cash in on some real money too. When it comes to wager requirements, this is in reference to having to wager at least a certain amount of times in order to be able to withdraw any winnings.

Most online casino gaming sites tend to have a wager requirements on their Welcome Bonus packages, and any free spins or no deposit bonus offers too, as this is a good way for online casinos to minimise their risk factor when offering these lucrative bonuses to players.

You’ll find that most wager requirements tend to fall within a 30x to 40x playthrough requirement, which is quite easily reached, to be honest – when playing your gaming hand just right.

Online Casino Bonuses: These are the online casino bonus offers that each casino online may extend to their players. There are many types of bonus casino offers, which include (and are by no means limited to) the following:

  • No deposit bonus
  • Percentage bonus
  • Deposit match bonus
  • Welcome bonus
  • Loyalty bonus
  • Free Spins bonus
  • Cash Bonus

Now that we’ve covered the bare basics of online casino gambling, and a fraction of the associated terminology, we can get back to the business of talking about easy ways to manage your online casino bankroll.

Here are a few tips you may want to use to aptly be able to manage your online casino bankroll:


1. Always bow out of a game if you find yourself going into credit.

2. Keep your gaming momentum going by converting a portion of our winnings into playable funds again; this way keep playing your winnings, so that you do not have to deposit again.

3. When on a winning streak, it is a good time to increase your bet size and up your wager stakes; similarly, when on a losing streak, it is advised to keep your bets low and steady.

4. Always remember: the HOUSE has the advantage – always.

Even though the above mentions quick, easy ways to maintain a good balance, and manage your online casino bankroll, don’t spend too much energy on it either.

Get to enjoying your online casino gambling sessions, and don’t spend too much time focused on your bankroll, as the main aim of any online casino game is to bring each player hours of entertainment and good fun.

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