How to play Keno?

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Being an easy to play and fun-filled game, Keno is super popular and a well-loved game, the world over.

With its historic roots being found in China, what the game of Keno looked like when it was first played in the early 1800’s is quite a lot different to what the Keno game of modern, and western society looks like today.

The original Keno game, hearkening from China comprised a Keno ticket, which consisted of 80 Chinese symbols. As the Keno game spread its wings and found itself in the United States of America, this particular version of the Keno game became synonymous with 80 Arabic numbers.

Nowadays, not only is the game of Keno available for gameplay the world over, in land-based casinos, pubs, bars and restaurants, but every casino online game player is also able to get their Keno game on, by simply opting to play a hand of Keno.

The fact that a game of Keno requires little to no strategy or skill, and a whole bunch of lady luck’s charm, makes the game of Keno a really great game title to include in any reputable and safe casino online gaming site indeed.

What is Keno?
Simply put, the game of Keno – whether played at an online casino gaming site or in a land-based brick and mortar casino, is similar to that of any given lottery game, where the player will select certain numbers in the hopes that it will land when the time comes to pick the winning numbers.

By playing the game of Keno, players are opting for a type of gameplay that is a low-cost game to take part in, which will result in potential high payoffs. A typical Keno game could range from a minimum buy-in of as little as $1 and could result in as high a payoff of up to $50 000. With payouts as high as that, it is little wonder why Keno playing at any given casino online gaming site has proven to be so popular.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how best to go about playing a game of Keno at any given reputable casino online gambling site that offers Keno as a gaming title option for gameplay, for each and every player within the said casino online gaming sites’ player community.

Here’s how to play Keno:

Step 1: Register and sign up with a reputable and safe casino online gaming site, that offers Keno as a game to play

Step 2: A casino online Keno game comprises a Keno grid made up of 80 different numbers.

Step 3: Select the choice of numbers that you as the ardent casino online gambling site Keno player would like to go with, by choosing these numbers on the Keno grid provided.

Step 4: Although the amount of numbers to be chosen is completely up to the casino online gaming site player’s discretion, most often, the Keno game player will select 20 numbers to play with.

Step 5: Now is the time to select the bet size that you as the avid casino online Keno game player would like to wager on the round of Keno that is about to take place.

Step 6: Next up is the part where the player selects the ‘play’ button. Most often Keno games available for gameplay on safe casino online gaming sites will have the option of either selecting the ‘Play One’ or ‘Play Five’ option. Once this ‘play’ button has been selected, the ardent casino online player will quickly see whether they have won that particular Keno game round or not.

Word to the wise: the numbers chosen during this particular Keno game round is only valid for the round of Keno in question, which means that the player will need to reselect another bunch of numbers to whereby the next round of Keno will be played with.

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For great Keno gameplay, there are a few tips that each and every online casino gaming site player would do well to bear in mind when they are ready to put their feet up and get stuck into a game or two of Keno online gameplay.

Tips for great Keno gameplay are as follows:

  • Start off the Keno gameplay by opting for the practice play mode, halting the real money gameplay for a few rounds. This way the player in question will be able to get the hang of the specific Keno game title that they are taking part in and find a way to make their practice gameplay mode more perfect. Practice surely should make perfect, after all.
  • Search for casino online gaming sites that offer the highest payouts for Keno gameplay, and be sure to only sign-up and register to join the Keno gameplay at reputable and safe casino online gaming sites.
  • Try to keep the numbers that are chosen to play with from the 80 numbers on the Keno grid unique for each round of gameplay; that is to say, do not keep using the same numbers for each round of Keno playing, as it is best advised to switch between the various 80 numbers found in the Keno game’s grid.

The varying types of bet types involved with the game of Keno is also a great way to get a pseudo-strategy involved in any given Keno game.

The different type of bets are as follows:

  1. The straight ticket bet
  2. The King ticket bet
  3. The combination ticket bet

Using these pseudo-strategies for a good hand of Keno gameplay is not entirely a winning formula, but giving the various betting types a whirl could definitely only increase the fun times to be had playing a hand of Keno.

Playing Keno at your favourite casino online gambling site is indeed a fun way to spend a good many hours on a fun-filled and fun-loving game title.

Given that the game of Keno has its rich history, and has been keeping hundreds of game players entertained for well over two centuries should clearly show just how great, easy to play, and user-friendly this type of gameplay truly is.

Get your Keno gameplay on today and get ready for super fun & games all the way.

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