How to Resist on Reversing a Withdrawal?

You have been playing online casino games for a while now and luck has been on your side. You have made a good bundle and decided to make a withdrawal. The casino notifies you that there is a pending period of about 24-48 hours until the funds can be processed. But until then, you can reverse the withdrawal and have the funds available to continue playing with.

While this can sound like a good idea, remember that casinos make more money the longer you play. And this is a clever way for them to keep you playing since the urge to continue winning can be irresistible. Sadly, many gamblers give in and end up losing money that was already on its way to their bank accounts.

How can one resist this temptation? Here are a few ways.

Choose casinos without withdrawal pending periods

The best way to deal with the temptation is to remove it altogether. Play on casinos that don’t have pending periods for processing a withdraw. Casinos claim the pending periods are necessary, but players are a bit suspicious and think they just want to tempt them.

Request a withdrawal flush

When you know you can’t resist the temptation to reverse the withdrawal, you can request that the casino flush the funds. This means that they will be locked until the process is complete, meaning you can’t reverse the withdrawal even if you tried. This is done by casinos that are committed to responsible gaming.

Have an iron will

This is the hardest option if you are someone who enjoys gamble. If the casino has a pending period and they can’t flush the funds, you will have to have an iron will and resist the temptation. This is a mental game, and you really need to weigh your need for the money versus your eagerness to continue gambling.

If your will is failing, you can take other measures to mentally resist the temptation. One way is to distract yourself with another activity besides gambling. This can be easy if you have other hobbies or work to focus on.

If that doesn’t work, you can play a mental game with yourself and think about all the cool things you will be able to do with the money. This can offer a nice incentive to see the transaction all the way through to the end.

Leave a little bit for gambling

When withdrawing your money, you can also leave a little bit of it in your casino wallet to gamble with. You can then flush the rest of the additional funds. This method works well if you have won a lot of money since you will have enough to keep gambling without needing the rest.

When you make a withdrawal on a casino, the pending period can be hard to wait out. Add in the option to reverse the withdrawal, then it’s easy to see why one would not want to just use the money to double or triple their wins. But a smart gambler knows when to quit, and when the temptations get too much, the above tips can help.

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