Is it legal to gamble online?

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The age-old question, when it comes to the casino online gambling world, is whether or not the casino online gambling site and operator in question are legal or not?

The question cannot be answered in just one cut or dry, yes or no answer, as there are quite a few factors and elements that one needs to take into consideration. Not only can one not answer this question simply, but one needs to take into account the very many varying factors too, when trying to decide on a reputable casino online gaming site to frequent, as an avid casino online game player.

Having said that, it is also important to note that in certain jurisdictions and in particular, specific geographical locations, the answer to the question of whether it is legal to gamble online, could very well be an unequivocal: Yes!

Should the question be posed for casino online gambling site players that reside in certain Canadian provinces, where the provincial government have got together and with their discretion determined the activity of casino online gambling to be legal within their jurisdiction and their particular province, then the answer to the question: Is it legal to gamble online? Would, of course, be a categorical: Yes!.

Should the question be posed in most countries that form part of the European Union, and the casino online gambling site players were asked: is it legal to gamble online in your country? Then again, the answer would be a resounding: Yes!

Should the question be posed to online casino players that reside in many of the Caribbean nations, then again, the answer to this question would be: yes!

It is mostly all other countries and nations the world over, where casino online gambling sites are regarded as illegal to operate within said country, territory, city, town or region – and it is in these very geographical locations that the casino online gambling site players would make moves to ascertain loopholes, in order to get their daily dose of casino online gameplay.

Is it legal to gamble online?
Again, the answer to this question: is it legal to gamble online is a question that is not so easy to answer and is wholly dependent on where the person asking the question may reside, or which particular geographical location the question may be aimed towards. These are factors that will greatly influence the outcome of the answer accordingly.

Firstly, let us further ascertain what is meant by the term: online gambling. This term refers to the activity of:

  • playing video poker
  • playing at any given online casino gaming site
  • playing at any given sports betting gaming site
  • It should also be noted here that the very first known occurrence of online gambling took place in 1994, and since the introduction of this type of gameplay, almost 25 years later, this type of gameplay has only increased in popularity, making the demands of this type of gameplay quite phenomenal, to say the least.

Taking a look at one of the larger online gambling markets, namely the UK casino online market, one can take to heart (and mind) the types of regulatory processes put into place, when a particular country (or geographical location) makes the decision to legalise and regulate these type of casino online gambling activities.

For the record, the United Kingdom’s stance on online gambling is that it is legal. The UK has a diverse gambling industry and incorporates many forms of gambling within their regulatory processes. It is through the UK Gambling Commission that the UK is able to regulate and control the gambling activities, as varied and vast as they may be, within their jurisdiction accordingly.

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The UK Gambling Commission came into effect in 2005 and has made great headway within the gambling industry of the UK since its inception.

In 2014, and to this day, the UK Gambling Commission has taken a stern stance when it comes to casino online gambling site operators being allowed to operate within their country and via offshore online gambling occurrences. What these stern measures entail is that only casino online (and land-based casino gambling operators, for that matter) gambling site operators that are fully compliant with the strict criteria as stipulated by the commission, and hold licences with the UK Gambling Commission, are eligible to operate within the UK, and employ these entertainment services to UK players.

Failure to comply with the UK Gambling Commissions’ stipulations and set out criteria for casino online gambling site operations may result in hefty fines accordingly.

Some of the criteria, as set out and stipulated by the UK Gambling Commission are indeed indicative of the fact that these regulations and rules of engagement, as set out by the UK Gambling Commission, are put in place to ensure the players have a safe and secure gaming environment in which to play in.

For example, a strict UK Gambling Commission criteria is that the casino online gambling site operator will need to ensure that only payers over the age of 18 years old will be granted access to the gambling portal.

Another very important criteria and point of absolute importance for the UK Gambling Commission is to ensure that the casino online gambling site in question is fully compliant with the Responsible Gaming aspect of casino online gaming. A very important factor that any casino online gaming operator will need to implement if wanting to be taken seriously, and wanting to be granted licenses within the regulated casino online gambling markets.

Playing at a reputable online gambling casino site inevitably leads one to assume that the casino online gambling site in question is in fact fully licensed, and fully compliant with any regulatory boards and commissions within the jurisdiction of gameplay.

Although chances are that due to the casino online gambling sight being regarded as reputable, may indeed reflect the safety and security of the gameplay environments of said casino online gaming site, it is still always advisable to double check, and see for oneself whether or not the casino online gaming site in question is fully compliant and licensed with the Gambling Commissions of said country, region, territory or location within which one may want to play a hand of online gambling.

Word to the wise: always scroll down to the bottom of the homepage of any given ‘reputable’ casino online gambling site, to see if there is mention of a licence or being affiliated with any regulatory boards or commissions. Should the casino online site in question not have any logos or mentions of the above be present, and also should no mention of the above be made in the Terms and Conditions of the said casino online gambling site, then chances are that it is in fact not a reputable online gambling operator, and should instead be avoided.

Good luck, and happy – legal – online gambling.

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