What is the line bet in roulette?

What is the line bet in roulette? Check here for all the info!

Get to know the different type of bets that are possible within a solid game of casino online roulette.

Whether your preference is for a number of various roulette systems or even just one type of roulette system variant, that falls under the American Roulette type of system, or the French Roulette type of system, or the European type of system – there will no doubt be the same types of bet varieties available for each and every ardent casino online roulette game player.

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The line bets found within a good game of casino online roulette happens to be quite similar to that of ‘street bets’ within the roulette gameplay system, where the bet would be placed on any number with a 3 number row; however, in the case of a line bet during roulette gameplay, the difference lies in the fact that instead of placing the bet within 1 row consisting of 3 numbers, the bet can be placed on 2 rows, each consisting of 3 numbers.

For example, the bet can be placed on the following numbers, to be considered a line bet:

  • 1-6
  • 4-9
  • 7-12
  • 13-18
  • 31-36

This type of line bet is also referred to as a 6-number bet, and of course, this might go without saying, but the odds that accompany this line bet for roulette is 5:1

When playing roulette, get in on some line bets, and see if the odds line up in your favour, you do have a 5 in 1 chance of striking it lucky indeed.

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