What is the longest streak of one colour in Roulette?

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Now that you’re locked into a great game of casino online roulette, you are no doubt on a roll, and wanting to start the action of getting some great wins under your casino online gambling site player belt.

In order to get those great wins stacked up in your favour, you will need to make the ultimate correct call, in terms of which number to place your wager on, or if you opt to instead bet on the colours on the roulette table – what will the optimum colour be for you? Will you go the route of choosing to wager on the black colour? Or will your luck be leaning towards a win when you bet on the red colour?

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Truth be told, the game of roulette is all about chance and beating the odds, and when those odds are beaten – boy-oh-boy what a wondrous feeling it is for you the player, that gets to walk away as the winner of it all.

One needs to be aware of the Gambler’s fallacy though, or what is otherwise known as the Monte Carlo fallacy, where the premise is that eventually if an outcome has not yet occurred during gameplay, it is bound to show face shortly. For example, if one places a bet on black and the black colour has not yet landed in a while, chances are that it will land soon.

This particular fallacy is called a fallacy, as it appears that at times this premise has been proved wrong. For example, when the longest known colour streak in the history of roulette gameplay took place, the Monte Carlo fallacy was fully put to test.

The longest streak of one colour in roulette took place in an American land-based casino sometime in 1943. What happened was that the colour red was won 32 consecutive times in a row. Usually an 8 or 9 times in a row is believable, but this longest streak of one colour has indeed made the history books.

Be sure to keep the Monte Carlo fallacy in mind, when wanting to bet on any colour, odd or even numbers, or any particular number sequence, in general, as this is where a massive win may be put in jeopardy if everything is merely left to chance.

Above all else, always have fun, fun, and more fun!

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