What are the odds of war in a casino?

Check here for all the info on what are the odds of war in a casino.

If you consider yourself to be a keen and avid casino online game player (online casinos, as well as land-based casinos, are relevant in this article today), then chances are that you have already heard of the easiest casino game any player could play, at any given casino.

The name of this easy-to-play casino game is simply called: Casino War.

When any given casino online gambling site player decides to take on this super easy-to-play game, odds are that superb gameplay is sure to take place, as well as great gaming moments of entertainment delights.

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Should you happen to be a not-so-avid casino online game player, and have as yet not familiarised yourself with this Casino War online game, then here is a quick breakdown of how to play this fun-filled game.

How to play:

The dealer deals x1 card to each player and himself (or herself), all cards are face up

Next up, one of three scenarios could play out:

  • Scenario 1: The player has a higher card than the dealer and therefore the player wins
  • Scenario 2: The player has a lower card than the dealer and therefore the player loses
  • Scenario 3: The player has a card that matches the dealer and therefore it is GAME ON!

Next is the option of either one of two that the player will need to take up:

Option 1:  The player chooses to surrender, which means being able to walk away with half of their original bet placed

Option 2: The player chooses to ‘go to war’, which means placing another bet, equivalent to their original bet placed, and going head to head with the dealer once again.

Should the player decide to place a side bet on the Casino Ware game at any stage, this means a bet that the card they are dealt will be tie with the dealer’s card, then this side bet carries the odds of being 10:1.

When it comes to the odds of option 1 and option 2. The house edge is always sitting at 2.88% when the player decides to go to war, with a tie. Whereas the house edge will always jump to 3.70% when the player chooses to surrender. So, we guess the moral of this Casino War game story would be: Never surrender!

Playing the world’s easiest casino game, namely Casino War is not only fun, and easy, but is also a game that holds great odds, in favour of the casino house brand.

Sure, it is easy to bet on and a great way to keep entertained, but do not be mistaken in thinking that this easy-to-play casino game is a surefire way to get rich quick. No siree, this Casino War game is entertaining, so let us leave it at that.

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