What are the odds of winning at 3 card poker?

What are the odds of winning at 3 card poker? Check here for all the info!

Playing 3 card poker is fun and indeed quite easy to master all in all. One simply needs to follow the simple rules, and make those bets, and the rest is sure to follow… the rest of great gaming good times, that is.

Let’s take a closer look at the rules of engagement for 3 card poker, and accordingly, what each winning hand could be, in terms of the order of cards and hands needed to win. AS well as, what the odds of reaching these winning hands would be.

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To play 3 card poker, the dealer and the players taking part in the 3 card poker stake at hand are dealt 3 cards, all faced down. What happens next follows accordingly:

Upon inspection of one’s cards, the player is meant to make a bet, either an Ante wager or a Pairplus Wager, or both.

Pairplus Wager: The payout amount is based entirely on the poker value of each player’s hand.

Ante Wager:

  • Must decide between folding or raising
  • If folds, then the player will forfeit their original wager (ante wager)
  • If raises, the player will have to wager the equivalent (play bet) to their original wager (ante wager)

Ante Wager

  • When the dealer does not qualify (meaning, landing a queen high or more), the player wins the ante wager, while the play bet will push.
  • When the dealer and player tie, the ante wager as well as the play bet with push.
  • The player will receive an Ante Bonus when the Ante Wager is met, as well as the player landing a straight, a three-of-a-kind or a straight flush.
Name of hand Odds
Pair 1:1
Flush 3:1
Straight 6:1
Three-of-a-Kind 30:1
Straight Flush 40:1

Given the approximate odds as mentioned in the table above, one can clearly see that 3 card poker certainly has the odds in its favour for making it a marvellously fun-filled game all the way.

Get to giving 3 card poker a whirl, and enjoy maximum gaming fun!

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