Is Online Casino legal in Canada?

Is Online Casino legal in Canada? Check all the info needed on whether online casinos are legal in Canada.

There seems to be quite a grey area surrounding the legitimacy of casino online gambling in certain countries, the world over.

As is quite the norm these days, casino online gambling players have a knack for finding those loopholes when finding themselves residing in countries where gambling, especially gambling online via web-based casino online gaming sites, is deemed illegal or even banned.

When it comes to Canada, the phenomenon of loophole finding is in effect indeed, however, there seems to be an element at play within the Canadian borders, which makes this particular country quite unique, when one attempts to understand whether it is legal to play at an online casino in Canada, or not.

The fact that in Canada each provincial government has been given the right to control and organize online gambling and lotteries within their own particular province is a unique take on the legal issues involved with casino online gambling sites and various countries stance on it all.

Is it possible to play legally in Canada?
Playing at any given casino online gambling site in Canada is dealt with in the Canada Criminal Code accordingly.

This bill defines gambling and any associated activities as illegal and unless included within the specific exceptions as stipulated in section 207 of the code, is in effect quintessentially banned from operating in Canada.

The exceptions as mentioned in section 207 of the Canada Criminal Code are quite comprehensive, but speak mostly to the fact that provincial jurisdiction takes preference and it is the sole discretion of the provincial leaders of any given province, to determine whether gambling, particularly casino online gambling, will be allowed in that specific province, or not.

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It is also important to note here that in Canada there is the Kahnawake Gaming Commision, which is one of the bigger organizations within the Canadian territories far and wide, that deals with gambling within the country.

Located in the Mohawk Territory in Quebec, the Kahnawake Gambling Commision is tasked with the controlling or gambling elements within Canada, and it is this commission’s task to grant online poker and casino online providers with a licence to operate within Canada, as well as provide fair gaming and sufficient payouts guarantees for casino online players in general.

As mentioned briefly above, in Canada, the fact is that online gambling is quintessentially illegal, yet given that the Canadian government have made provision (making specific mention of it in their Criminal Code, specifically section 207 of the code) that each province is capable of practicing discretion and to make the decision for themselves whether gambling, casino online gaming as well, is to be allowed to operate in that province – makes the entire question of online gambling with Canada a very gray area indeed.

The fact that the Kahnawake Gaming Commision came into existence in 1996 means that this particular gambling commision is well versed and has extensive experience when it comes to gaming and gambling within the Canadian borders. Given that the commision implemented the Interactive Gaming Law regulations from as early as 1999, is testament to the forethought and impressive knowledge that this Kahnawake Gaming Commision has had about the casino online gambling industry, and shows that from the start this commision has seen the potential that web-based and online interactive gaming holds, the sheer popularity, and that even as early as 1990, this commision has been able to foresee that casino online gambling will only grow in leaps and bounds, in terms of popularity and countless individuals be wanting to take up the reigns of any given casino online game, making it the preferred form of entertainment for countless individuals the world over.

By seeing the immense popularity that casino online gambling holds for millions of ardent casino online players the world over, in present day, one can almost stand back in awe at the actions taken by the Kahnawake Gaming Commision, and if residing in Canada, and an ardent casino online game player, one would suggest that it is thanks to the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, almost solely, that there is indeed an avenue for these game players to frequent, as they are more than able to frequent the web-based casino online portals created and maintained by this very gaming commision,

In the event of any given province declaring casino online gambling to be illegal within that particular province, there is always the loophole that casino online players tend to utilise, in that players will opt for the offshore casino online gambling site to get their gameplay on, this way not breaking any laws, as their gameplay will not be taking place in Canada, per say, as the operating systems and platforms made use of during gameplay via these offshore casino online gaming sites are just that – offshore, and located elsewhere, not in operating in Canada. Therefore, a loophole is indeed made possible for casino online game players seeking to get their gameplay hours clocked in on their favourite casino online game.

Given the fact that there are very many casino online gambling sites available for players to get their gameplay mode on, and the fact that Canada is not the only country that has an official stance against the legalization of casino online gaming, means that these online gambling sites have taken to remaining offshore from most of the countries that have an official banned status for casino online gambling in general.

It is this very fact that makes it easy for any ardent casino online game player to play their favourite online gambling game, regardless of whether they find themselves in a Canadian province that frowns upon this casino online gambling activity – as offshore casino online gaming is wholly possible, and can indeed usher any said player to their next big win.

Playing at a casino online gambling site in Canada is still something that is possible, given the loophole of offshore casino online operators, as well as the Kahnawake Gambling Commision, who have their very own web-based services on offer to avid casino online players as well.

All in all, Canada has made great headway, in terms of allowing gambling to take place within their borders, and with the advent of casino online gaming sites that practice offshore, it appears that regardless of what the official stance happens to be in any given country, county, province or territory, fun & games will be had by all.

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