How to play craps in an online casino?

Here’s a quick guide on how to play craps in an online casino?

When it comes to playing your hand at some craps online casino games, there are a few craps game basics that need to be adhered to, and kept in mind:

1. The House edge for a game of casino online craps is usually only about 1.41%, on average – which is a staggering 3 times more lucrative than table games the likes of roulette, and is also said to be several times more so rewarding than most online slot casino gambling games.

2. When playing craps online casino games, players roll their own dice, this way optimising on literally their game play luck right in the palm of their hand

Craps online casino game play basics
Settle into knowing what the game play basics of online craps casino games are, before attempting to read up on, practice and ultimately maximise on your betting or wagering tactics.

What is of the utmost importance, first and foremost is: get to know the basics.

Basics explained

A Shooter
This is what the player is referred to when he / she is rolling the dice. Every player of the ongoing crap online casino game will eventually have their turn of assuming the ‘Shooter’ role, and be made to roll the dice accordingly

Sevens Out
This is when the number ‘7’ is rolled out of turn, at the wrong time, forcing the current shooter to relinquish their role as shooter, and allow the next player to assume his / her previous role.

Come-Out roll
This refers to the first roll of any current round. Being a game comprising of rounds, the Come-out roll is important to look out for, as it usually signals the start of an entirely new round. A sure-fire way for the craps online casino players to positively identify which round is which.

Playing craps online casino games is bound to have you needing to place some well-thought-out bets, and if you’re going to place bets, you’ll definitely be wanting to know what the casino online craps gaming slots’ betting structure looks like.

Type of bets

  • Pass Line Bet
  • All Pass Line bets are placed on the area of the Craps online casino games’ table, where it is clearly marked: Pass Line
  • Land a 7 or 11 and you win
  • Land a 2, 3 or 12 (aka craps) and you lose
  • Land any other number: 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10 and you go to the next round

The Odds Bet

  • Claims to have a 0% house edge
  • An odds bet is to be placed below the Pass Line bet
  • Due to the fact that the Pass Line and Od bets are linked and intradependent means that when you win a Pass Line
  • Bet, you’ll win an Odd bet. Similarly, if you lose one bet, you will ultimately lose the other as well.

The Come Bet

  • Once a point has been made and established, your online casino game of craps is able to accept a Come Bet
  • This bet can only be placed on the Come-out roll
  • This bet is also capable of piggybacking an Odds bet – just like the Pass Line bet – this way furthering and increasing possible winning outcomes

The Don’t Pass Line Bet

This type of bet (of which there is also a Don’t Come bet) also carries with it the capability of including  linked Odds bet.

The Don’t Pass and Don’t Come bets are the contrary to what is the betting norm when it comes to playing craps online casino games, but it is indeed a legitimate form of game play, and should not be frowned upon.

When playing in this type of bet mode, you’ll want to be in mind that due its contrary nature, this betting style has winning and losing numbers that are in the flip mode. Meaning that instead of 7 and 11 being the winning numbers, they actually become the losing numbers.

Random bit of info: A player that prefers to bet on the Don’t Pass Line and Don’t Come bet is referred to as a ‘Wrong Bettor’.

Once you are satisfied with yourself and feel that you have put in enough time getting to know all about the gaming basics of playing online casino craps, you’ll be happy to know that this is where the real fun begins. Simply set yourself up for a few hours of leisure time, as you set off on a craps online casino gaming adventure.

Whichever which way you prefer to play and bet on when enjoying an online game of casino craps, always remember to have fun, as that will always be the main aim of any game: fun, fun, fun!

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