How do you play Draw poker?

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Anyone that has taken a liking to playing poker and especially video poker online has indeed taken themselves to the task, as playing poker is indeed perhaps one of the more notable gambling games to play the world over.

Seeing that poker is quite infamous, and quite synonymous with great casino online gameplay moments that very many online casino game players have had the pleasure of enjoying, it only stands to reason that in playing a good hand of poker, players are able to fully experience the ins and outs of any safe and reputable online casino gambling site accordingly.

The fact that poker casino games have quite literally countless amounts and numbers of gameplay variants makes playing poker at an online game player’s favourite go-to-one-stop game shop and gaming gambling site something that is a must do, that is if the casino game player in question wants to confidently consider themselves an avid online casino player.

When it comes to playing poker, there are indeed very many types of casino online poker games to get stuck into, and for the purpose of this particular article, let us take a closer look at the gameplay of one of the more popular types of poker games, the Draw Poker game, and consider how to play draw poker.

What is Draw Poker?
Draw poker, in a nutshell, is simply the type of poker gameplay that allows for an online casino game player to effectively (and legally) trade their cards that they have been dealt, in the hopes of being able to receive better cards, and subsequently be left with a better hand with which to play with. In effect, playing draw poker is quintessentially the ability to trade-up, at the most opportune moment.

Now that it is clear what Draw Poker type of poker gameplay entails, let us take a closer look at two of the more popular types of Draw Poker variants, that one would easily find many casino online game players opting to enjoy.

Two of the various types of Draw Poker gameplay variants include:

Five Card Draw Poker
This type of Draw Poker gameplay consists of players being dealt five cards, after which a round of betting ensues. Following on from this first betting round, players are then given the opportunity to trade in their cards in exchange for new cards.

This is where the trading up concept is initiated, and taken into consideration. Following on from this step in the Five Card Draw Poker type of gameplay, players are again requested to take part in a betting round, making this the second betting round.

Most players believe that the drawback to this type of gameplay lies in the fact that there are only two betting rounds with which to ‘trade-up’ and attempt to gain a better poker hand to play with.

Perhaps this two betting rounds type of gameplay is why many casino online gambling sites prefer to not offer this type of draw poker variant for their players to enjoy.

Lowball Draw Poker
This type of draw poker is when players will aim to hold the lowest hand. It is often found that the Lowball draw poker player will follow a blind structure, however, it is not unknown for players to follow an ante structure as well.

When players decide to follow the Blind structure, this is usually how the gameplay tends to ensue:
– players are dealt five cards, facing downward, players are encouraged to call a big blind, raise, call a raise, reraise, or fold.

Should the players opt for an Ante structure of gameplay, this is usually how the gameplay will ensue:
– players are dealt five cards, facing downward, players are encouraged to check, bet, call the bet, raise, or fold.

Following on from this first round of betting, the players that are left remaining in the game are invited to trade their cards in for new ones.

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The various hands of Five Card Draw Poker can further be named accordingly, ranging from the strongest hand to the weakest hand, and are as follows:

  • Royal Flush
  • Straight flush
  • Four-of-a-kind
  • Full house
  • Flush
  • Straight
  • Three-of-a-kind
  • Two pair
  • One pair
  • High card
  • Believe it or not, the Lowball Draw Poker variant type can also be broken down further into a few more types of Lowball Draw Poker types.

Each Lowball Draw Poker variant has its very own methods of gameplay, their own advantages and disadvantages, and even each casino online gambling site that employs these various types of Lowball Draw poker types may have their own rules of engagement attached to gameplay as well.

The types of Lowball Draw Poker Games include the following:

  • Ace-to-five lowball, or otherwise known as the California Lowball Draw Poker
  • Deuce-to-seven lowball, also known as the Kansas Lowball Draw Poker
  • Wheel lowball
  • Ace-to six lowball

It would be advised to give each of these types of Draw Poker a try, as any one of the variants as mentioned above could be the one that makes the gameplay difference for the casino online game player in question. Afterall, the name of the game, any poker game is always: win, win, win.

Check out Draw Poker and the various options available to play at your favourite safe and reputable online casino gaming site, and be sure to give the Draw Poker variants a go, as not only is Draw Poker easy to get the hang of, but it is also a fun-filled alternative to the usual suspects of Poker gameplay, the Texas Hold’em and so forth.

By playing a hand or two, or three or four of any given Draw Poker type of gameplay, what you as the fun-loving casino online game player is essentially doing is setting yourself up for many hours of intriguing and altogether wholesome gameplay fun times, all the way.

Go on, get your Draw Poker game on, today!

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