The most profitable slot games

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Playing your best game at your favourite online casino gambling site is indeed a mere swipe of the screen, or a mere click of the button away – in this day and age.

Seeing as though every new day brings with it new advances in this techy world that we find ourselves in, it only stands to reason that one’s entertainment and gameplay aspects will also be in need of daily upgrading, daily evaluating, daily critiquing and daily analysing.

As part of your daily analysis, I am sure you would want to check into finding the best and most profitable casino slot games available for you to play. Right? Right!

But, before one can ascertain as to which exact slot games are actually profitable, one would need to tick a few checkboxes before ascribing any given online casino slot game the accolade of most profitable. Two very important boxes that need to be checked and ticked would no doubt need to be the aspect of firstly, the RTP percentage that any given game in question would tend to hold and secondly, the House Edge of said online casino slot game too.

By RTP percentage, this is indeed referring to the Return To Player percentage, where a top-notch and top quality casino slot game would fall in the high regions of the 95 and above percentile. The return to player percentage is calculated as an average of estimated payouts that any given regular casino online slot game player would tend to receive back in winnings when they have wagered a certain amount on the said casino slot game in question.

The House Edge refers to the incorporated advantage that the casino online gambling site that any given player is playing that particular online casino slot game on, also known as ‘the house’. As is largely known, all casinos (online and land-based) comprise of many games, be it table or slot machine games that are rigged (for lack of a better word) to favour the house (that particular casino), and in so doing, becomes a bit of a disadvantage for the player. For a casino online slot game to be considered profitable, it would need to be a casino slot game that comprises a low house edge.

So, without too much more fanfare and without any further ado, here is a quick list of some of the best casino online slots available, that have proven to be the most profitable slot games available to players, the world over.

The following 5 games consist of a low house edge, and a high RTP percentage (above 97,5%), and can be found at most any safe casino online gaming site:

Name of casino slot Software Developer Return To Player (RTP) House Edge
Goblin’s Cave Playtech 99,32% 0,68%
Mega Joker Net Entertainment 98,90% 1,1%
MegaJackpots Cluedo IGT software 98,14% 2,13%
Blood Suckers Net Entertainment 98,00% 2,00%
Good Girl, Bad Girl BetSoft 97,80% 2,20%

Taking a close and careful look at the table above one can clearly see that when it comes to the most profitable slot games in the casino online world, you are probably going to end up playing a progressive jackpot game, as this is where the most lucrative games seem to be. Not only do these progressive jackpot games seem to have the perfect combination of a low house edge coupled with a high return to player percentage, but casino online gambling sites tend to enjoy having these type of progressive jackpot slot games on offer too. This is most probably largely due to the fact that the risk factors incurred by the online casino (even with the rather low house edge) is minimal, due to the nature of progressive jackpot games overall.

In summation, it is pretty much guaranteed that when on the prowl for highly profitable, if not the most profitable slot games to play, at any given safe casino online gaming site, your best bet would be to set your avid casino online slot game playing sights to the progressive jackpot slot games available, as this is where you’re bound to get as much ‘bang for your buck’ as possible.

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