Jack Hammer 2

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Here is some info on Jack Hammer 2 online casino slot game!

If you have not as yet, you should definitely do yourself a favour, and give this infamous Net Entertainment casino online slot game, namely Jack Hammer 2 a spin around the block; from the comfort of your own home, or is it sofa? Or even just take it with you en route to and from your commute away from and back to home again.

This 5 reels game, that comprises of 50 paylines is stylised so perfectly to reflect a graphic novel or otherwise known as a comic book strip.

The fact that Jack Hammer 2 is so graphically sound and welcoming means that regardless of most other features, of which there are quite a few, the slot’s creator’s NetEnt software, made every effort to ensure they provided this grand ol’ fun & games casino slot to each and every iGaming casino slot game player, the world over.

The premise of this epic casino online slot is that you, as the slot game player, will need to accompany the game’s protagonist, Jack Hammer, and will need to rescue the vulnerable yet sassy lounge singer from the villain in this saga, Don Crabby.

Prepare for sticky wilds to take place when on your journey to rescue Jack Hammer 2 slot games’ damsel in distress, as well as Random wilds, that are bound to crop up just about anywhere, randomly. And then there is, of course, the 2x multipliers, which always goes that extra mile to adding to any winning combination indeed.

Be sure to jump right in, and give your all when you play the Jack Hammer 2 casino online slot, today.

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