When Pigs Fly

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The age-old saying, referring to the fact that only great and wonderful things will happen when the impossible is made possible,  is really taken to the next level with the When Pigs Fly slot online casino game.

By taking up the challenge presented by Net Entertainment, this fantastical casino online slot really takes the cliche saying to new heights and brings home a very welcome and unique feel to the casino online gaming world.

Go for all the action by taking in this fun-filled slot, and joining the pigs on their adventure into space. Sky-rocket your biggest wins to a major gameplay mode, as you enjoy this NetEnt offering of fun & games.

Being a 5 reels game with 3 rows, you will almost fall off your chair when you hear how many paylines When Pigs Fly slot has on offer. Wait for it, brace yourself – When Pigs Fly casino online slot comprises of a whopping maximum of 3125 paylines.

The fact that this slot game is made up of a re-spins feature also adds to the paylines increasing factor. Every time one of the five re-spins features is utilised, another bunch of paylines is added to the overall payline number.

Here is a table, explaining how the re-spins and paylines feature actually works:

Number of re-spins Number of paylines
The first re-spin will increase the paylines to 135 paylines (45 paylines is the base game)
The second re-spin will increase the paylines to 405 paylines
The third re-spin will increase the paylines to 675 paylines
The fourth re-spin will increase the paylines to 1125 paylines
The fifth re-spin will increase the paylines to 1875 paylines

*Should you, as the When Pugs Fly slot player, win on the 5th and final re-spin, you will then be able to retrieve 8 free spins and have increased the paylines to the total of 3125 ways to win.

If you are looking for a novel type of gameplay, with a fantastical theme that is out of this world, and a little bit tongue-in-cheek, then When Pigs Fly slot is your go-to-game for sure.

Expect free spins, wild substitutions and re-spins when you give When Pigs Fly slot a whirl.

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