Casinos with IGT (WagerWorks)

Here is all the info about IGT (Wagerworks) online casino software developers

Initially, Wagerworks and IGT were two separate entities, until they joined their forces in 2005. IGT software has an extremely rich history, and by acquiring the likes of the Wagerworks, IGT software has given Wagerworks a rich history as well, ‘guilty by association’ one may even say.

Having first been established as a land-based casino in the 1950’s, IGT software first went public in 1981 and took to creating the first ever video poker slot machine game. Following on from the success of this video poker slot machine game, IGT software then proceeded to innovate and create the S-slots system, which eventually led to the creation of the first ever progressive slot system, and in 1991 IGT software was even listed in the New York stock exchange. A marvellous achievement for any company, let alone a casino developer brand.

It was in 2005 that IGT made the decision to acquire Wagerworks, and has since then only continued on its trajectory and consistently provided innovative and great casino online gaming to the casino online gambling industry on the whole.

What type of games does IGT (Wagerworks) offer players?
IGT software is the proud creator of over 150 casino online games at present, and although the games do not have the capability of being downloaded, as there is no downloadable version of the UGT software casino games on offer, what IGT software does offer each and every player is full access to the instant play versions of their flash-compatible casino games.

What this instant play type of gameplay comprises is the capability of these casino online slot games to be accessed via any web browser that has flash-compatibility, and is instantly available for play via the player’s web browser too.

Some Casinos that offer each of its players the opportunity to play a IGT slot game is as follows:


Given the rich history and legacy that IGT software has behind it, one can clearly see that by joining forces with IGT software, Wagerworks definitely did the right thing by choosing to become assimilated by this great giant of a software casino online software developer.

Wagerworks and IGT software have done great justice to the casino online gaming community, by continuing to offer each and every player that comes across any IGT software game the opportunity to make the most of their fun-filled games and continue to experience on the best in gaming good times.