Casinos with PariPlay

Pariplay is an online gaming platform that mostly focuses on instant win, scratch cards and other fixed odds online games. Their software uses a number of the maximum cutting-edge technologies presently available and offers a enormously large range of online games that cannot be discovered everywhere else.

Pariplay is very particular in that each one of its online game offerings use lottery-style odds in place of conventional odds. This is a huge bonus to players! This is mostly apparent with their scratch card games. The Pariplay collection of online games consists of a total of around 20 one of a kind virtual scratch card variations, each one with their very own regulations and fun themes.

Player favourite virtual scratch cards include:

  • Cops & Robbers
  • Royal Charm
  • Star Raiders
  • Mega Love
  • Barn Ville

Pariplay additionally offers a huge wide variety of instant winning online games. These consist of conventional favorites like Keno and Bingo, however you could also try your luck with a few of their instant win card games as well – a feature which most software providers don’t offer. These integrate the elegant sense of a real live card game with the unpredictable triumphing ability of a scratcher.

Some of their top instant win games include:

  • Astroids
  • Honey Money
  • Artic Madness
  • Tiki Madness
  • CasinoWar

Ultimately, Pariplay features a set of fixed-odds slots that are a world apart from their competitors. Despite the fact that these games have the same exact look and feel as standard slot games, they range in how they pay. Every spin is just like choosing a random scratch card and seeing the result.

Their top slots at the moment are:

  • Jack in the Box
  • Pets
  • Sharknado
  • Bloodshot
  • The Three Stooges

To make certain that everyone can play the online games without difficulty, Pariplay makes use of a fast and easy ‘play gadget’. By using this, you can load all your absolute favourite Pariplay scratch card games quickly through any browser using Adobe Flash. This means that all Windows, Mac, Linux, smartphone and tablet users can have unrestricted access to all the instant win online games they desire within the Pariplay catalog – at just a click of a button!

Even though Pariplay software does not have any “official” regulation seals, the constantly fixed odds of the games are fully disclosed on all casinos’ websites that use their software. Because the games are all based totally on a hard and fast quantity of possibilities, just like a lottery, the online casino hosting the software doesn’t  have anything to benefit from by imparting unfair practices – not they could, because all Pariplay games are hardcoded and cannot be altered on the backend in any way! As such, it’s super easy to see that Pariplay online casino games are 100% safe and fair by virtue of their very nature.


If you are looking for a casino games that give you instant gratification, fast gameplay and excellent wins, while still being delightful to look at, find a casino that uses Pariplay software – you won’t be disappointed by their wide range of scratchcards, online slots and instant win games.