When to split pairs in blackjack

Here is some info on when to split pairs in blackjack online gameplay.

All ardent blackjack online players will know that when it comes to landing and being dealt two cards that are the same, also known as a pair – there is the great option of taking that one hand, and doubling up on those winnings odds, also doubling up on those winning chances all the way.

By opting for the gameplay mode, during an online blackjack casino game, the avid player knows that they are quintessentially setting themselves up for more opportunity with which to get into the blackjack game at hand, and accordingly they will need to double up on their original bet as well.

When a player opts to split the pairs of cards dealt, they are taking the one hand that they have, and adding another hand to their gameplay, this way they have two hands, independently yet operating simultaneously of each other. Of course, this type of gameplay will only double up on the player’s chances to win that 21 blackjack goal.

The best advice tο be given with this regard is that when you, as the avid casino online blackjack player happens to be dealt certain cards, resulting in certain pairs – should the pair of cards held be a strong hand, then rather stick to the one hand at play. Should the pair together be representative of a weak hand, then do the calculations, and if splitting the pair of cards could result in a stronger hand, or potential hand, then why not opt for it?

There are of course certain times when every ardent casino online blackjack player knows without a doubt that splitting the pairs during the blackjack online gameplay is the only real and viable option. Read below to see when is best to split those pairs.

When it best to go about splitting pairs in online blackjack?
As mentioned briefly above, a good blackjack online player will know that there are certain gameplay instances where it is only good blackjack gameplay to opt for the option of splitting the pair of cards that one has been dealt.

Here are a few instances of when it’s advisable to ALWAYS split the pair of cards dealt, as the mathematical probabilities simply spell out better winning odds, and better winning chances, once the pair of cards of been split accordingly.

Always split pairs when the pairs happen to be:

A Pair of Aces: By splitting Aces, the ardent casino online player is essentially ensuring that they double up on their chances of getting to that much anticipated 21 count. No matter what the dealer is holding, when the pair of cards happens to be Aces, the player should double up on their original bet size, and split their hand.

When looking at the scenario from the player perspective, should the player decide to play both Aces, that leaves the count as ‘12’ (the player will take one of those Ace cards as ‘1’ and the other as ‘11’). The player will then have to land a ‘9’ in order to grab that 21 accolade. This is a very risky move, as a 9 is definitely not guaranteed. Should the player be dealt anything higher than a ‘9’, then the only option, if they do not want to bust, is to play both Aces as ‘1’ – taking the count of their hand back to ‘12’. Not a good play at all.

When the player splits the Aces, however, they have more chance of getting at least one strong hand, if not both hands ending up being strong and potential winning hands.

A Pair of Eights: It is advised for a blackjack online player to always split those eight’s, as the chances of the player being able to up their winning odds is that much more doable when they split the 8s.

When the player decides to keep the pair of eight’s, they are leaving themselves with a weak hand of 16. By splitting the pair of eight’s, the player will be giving themselves more opportunity to let each hand grow into a strong hand, with the new cards being dealt to them being able to offer up a winning hand indeed.

When is it best to NOT split pairs in online blackjack?
Although every hand played has it’s own set of circumstances, and there is really no hard or fast rule when it comes to which pair of cards should never be split, there are a few general rules, which when looked at from all angles, simply just makes more sense to keep the pair of cards as one hand to play.

The instances where most ardent blackjack online casino players tend to agree that it’s best not to split the pairs happen to be as follows:

Never split:

A Pair of Tens: By splitting a pair of tens, what the player will essentially be doing is taking a strong hand of a combined count of ‘20’, and replacing it with a rather weak hand of ‘10’ each.

That being said, should the dealer be holding very low value cards, then perhaps it would do good to check out, and play around with the different scenarios and options that may result in splitting those tens?

A Pair of Fours or Fives: When a player decides to split a pair of low value cards, in the way of a pair of fours or a pair of fives, what the player is really doing is taking a double bet out on a low value pair of cards, which inevitably present a weak hand, and playing this weak hand on both hands. Perhaps this is not the wisest of moves when it comes to strategic blackjack online playing.

Again, should the dealer also have a low value pair of cards and be sitting with a weak hand, then by all means, test the splitting pairs waters, and see where it may lead.

What about Resplitting?
It is possible for a player to resplit any given hand, should another pair of cards be dealt during the current blackjack online game.

The reason why a player can easily split a hand is due to the very fact that all split pairs result in each hand acting independently of the other.

The player simply needs to treat each hand as its own, as this is exactly what they are – their very own hands. Of course, in order to resplit a hand, there will be another bet required. This will mean a triple of the original bet placed.

Also, each casino online gaming site will have their own rules and regulations with regards to blackjack online gameplay, and resplitting rules. Most casino online gaming sites have a limit of three split pairs implemented on their online blackjack games.

Playing blackjack online is fun, engaging and all one needs to do is get to know the rules of engagement, and a great time can be had indeed.

From splitting pairs to resplitting more pairs, to simply reaching for that elusive 21 count, playing blackjack online is a game to be tried and tested, each time, every time. Be sure to give your favourite casino online site’s blackjack gameplay offerings a go – who knows you may just land that winning hand too.

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