The 5 Most Common Myths about Online Slots

We all want to win at online slots and have at one point or another searched the internet for the best tips to increase our chances. The internet is full of such tips, but not all of them are truthful. These are myths perpetuated by individuals who either don’t know any better or are trying to con people into losing their hard-earned money.

If you have ever heard any of the below tips anywhere, just know you have heard a myth.

Myth #1: Placing the maximum bet increases odds of winning

When you play an online slot machine, you will see a “Max Bet” button or something similar. Some people will tell you that pushing that button is a sure way to increase your chance of winning. The truth, besides the fact that it will deplete your bankroll faster, is that the button is for convenience since increasing the bet manually can be tiresome.

Myth #2: Slots that have paid out a jackpot recently should be avoided

People who spread this particular myth believe that each current spin is somehow connected to the last one in some probabilistic way. Once you believe this, it would make sense on the surface that since a machine just paid out a jackpot, it would be best to avoid it for a while for spins to build up. But, in reality, each spin is an isolated and completely random event.

Myth #3: Since this slot hasn’t paid out in a while, a jackpot is likely

Again, we have another myth that suggests spins are connected. As we explained earlier, there is no connection and all spins are random. There’s just no telling what the outcome will be based on looking at past payouts. Slot machines do payout over time, but there is really no reason to believe that they are holding out because they are about to pay out in a major way.

Myth #4: There’s nothing one can do to improve chances of winning

Yes, you can, and this is not going against the previous advice that slots are random. Certain types of slots offer better odds at winning than others. A good example would be slots that have smaller jackpots. You have a better chance of winning in the short-term with these compared to ones with a bigger jackpot.

Myth #5: One can win at slots depending on the time of day

This myth can be said in a number of ways, but it is simply not true. You will hear that certain times of the day, week or month increase the chance of winning at slots. However, casinos have no way to reprogram machines so they behave in this particular manner. This is good news because you can enjoy slots at any time of the day.

The above-mentioned tips are guaranteed to ruin the fun that could be had when playing online slots. Eventually, you will find out that they aren’t true, but there’s no reason to find out the hard way.

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