Top 10 Casino Psychology Tricks Used to Influence Players

Casinos, whether online or land-based, are big businesses that bank on people’s love for gambling. But to attract players and keep them playing longer so they spend more, they have employed a few psychological tricks. Here are 10 of them.

1. Near Wins

Casinos feed you a stream of small short-term wins, especially at slot machines, to make you think a jackpot is close by. However, while you are doing this, the casino is winning big in the long run.

2. No Windows

Once you get into the land-based casino, you will notice there are no windows inside. That way, you won’t be able to tell what time of day it is, which is what they want. What they don’t want is you remembering you have other things to do based on what’s happening in the outside world.

3. No Clocks

Just like not having windows inside, the land-based casinos have no clock. Again, this is because they don’t want you to leave early and, thus, limit your sense of time.

4. Great Atmosphere

The casino environment is a flurry of bright lights and pleasing sounds. They come from all directions, and they are all overwhelming and alluring to make you think a lot of winning is taking place. All this blinds and deafens you to the fact that a majority of people are actually losing.

5. Illusion of Control

When playing craps, you are the one who rolls the dice, and in blackjack, you call the shots. You feel in control, and casinos bank on that to keep you there playing longer.

6. Hyping Big Wins

When someone inevitably wins the jackpot, the casino makes a big deal out of it. This makes everyone think they can do it as well, which makes people more determined to try their luck at being the next big winner.

7. Hidden Exit

Casinos have labyrinthian designs that make it hard to spot the exit once deep inside. While you are searching for it when it’s time to leave, you have to navigate a maze of slot machines and table games enticing you to spend more money.

8. Giving You a Good Time

Who would want to leave when they are having a good time? Every casino employee is there to make feel good and important, which brings us to the next trick.

9. Free Drinks

Firstly, alcohol can impair the brain, drastically reducing its ability to make sound decisions (thus, increasing mistakes). Secondly, with alcohol being a lubricant, one can easily get liberal with their bankroll. Think about that next time you’re offered a free drink at a casino.

10. ATMs Within View

While exists are hard to find, the ATMs aren’t. This is why responsible gamblers leave their debit cards at home to resist the temptation to keep playing when their bankroll runs out.

Now that you know some of the psychological tricks casinos use on you, you can use them to your advantage and stay in control. After all, knowledge is power.

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