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If you’ve been following the online casino gaming industry news and events of late, you’ll no doubt be aware of the fact that Australia and it’s online casino gaming industry has been turned on its ear.

What I am of course referencing is the recent decision by Australian legislative authorities to clamp down on the online casino gambling world, by enforcing the regulation that only operators that are in possession of the Australian online casino gaming licence may operate legally within Australian borders. This bill was passed in August 2017.

Due to the fact that upper house parliament had ruled in favour of the Interactive Gambling Amendment Bill means that this final say-so, which has been in motion for about 15-years now, bringing the long attempt to regulate the ever-burgeoning industry of online gambling into a full-cycle of conception, proposition, and implementation into fruition.

Now, for all you avid player, where to go when you want some top online casinos in Australia to play at? Read on for quick tips on how to spot your top casinos in Australia.

Where to play online slot games in Australia?
You’d be remiss, and perhaps a tad too optimistic, if you didn’t find yourself thinking back, and asking yourself, or a fellow online slot game player: is there is even a chance of finding a safe online casino gambling site in Australia these days? The fact that the Interactive Amendment Bill was passed in Australia not even a couple of months ago means that there are some unchartered waters that Australian players are treading in, right about now.

In a nutshell, experts within the online gaming casino industry are of the opinion that the larger online casino gaming houses will continue to cater for the gaming needs of their Australian players, as soon as they are in possession of the new Australian Amendment bill operating licence. Although the consensus right now, is to just hang-ten and let the dust settle, as it were, in terms of playing online slots – as it won’t be too much longer until before it’s business as usual, and back to the fun & games of it all.

Are there any safe online casinos left in Australia?
Following on from this Interactive Amendment Bill being passed in Australia, the fact that many online casino gambling sites pulled their resources out of Australia, means that for many avid online casino gaming site players, their sole means of entertainment had been pulled up from under them, and was no longer an available source. Thus leaving the very ame players to seek entertainment elsewhere, perhaps unknowingly stumbling into an online casino site that was specifically designed for malicious and nefarious intent – leading us to the next fundamental question that all players should ask before playing at any given online casino: Is it reputable and safe?

Before signing up to just any old online casino site, do some research on the site first, and perhaps even check the online casino sites’ metrics, to determine if it is reputable or not. You will also be able to quickly find out if any given casino online site is legitimate and fully compliant or not, by taking a look at the Terms and Conditions of the online casino site in question.

What does the future of Top Online Casinos in Australia hold?
Where is the future of top online casinos in Australia headed towards? Is there even a future at all? What does all this legislative ‘hoopla’ and activity mean for online casino gambling sites as a means of entertainment for Australians?

Quite frankly, there is no clear-cut answer to any of the questions posed above. What is clear is that due to many avid casino game players being quite vexed with the passing of the bill, and showing their displeasure, one can only hope that the parties involved in procuring and issuing the relevant legal requirements to participating and being fully compliant online gaming houses – will ensure a swift process and so doing allow for the trusted brands of casino online gaming to be fully operational within Australian borders soon again.

Although never one to speculate too much on hypothetical situations, scenarios and outcomes, it is only inevitable to be poised and posed with a quintessential questions that are actually quite relevant and poignant at this given moment in the online casino gaming history of Australia.

Only time will tell as to how exactly all will unfold, but in the meanwhile, the best bet would be to keep seeking out those top online casinos in Australia, and play play play!

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