How to Win at Casino Online Bingo

Read here to see quick tips on how to win at casino online bingo.

Increase your odds on any online casino bingo game, this game of chance, by applying a few simple tips to playing bingo online casino games.

Quick tips for winning at Bingo

  • Set a budget limit right from the start, and no not deviate from this limit set
  • Do not play online bingo by running into credit (stick to your budget)
  • Try playing a few rounds of the free mode game play first, whenever wanting to play a new online casino bingo game, to get the hang of the particular game in question. With the vast number of casino online bingo games available, you’ll want to familiarise yourself entirely with said bingo online casino game.
  • Get the ball (and your bankroll) rolling by selecting multiple cards to play, the more cards you play, the more you up your odds of winning the game

Given that the game of Bingo is, in general, such a popular game to play the world over, not only do players enjoy the game in a land-based casino environment, but in social clubs and recreation centres as well. Apart from the classic form of bingo play, the bingo ball game, the fact that online bingo is just as popular and established as any other form of bingo, simply equates to a wealth of tips and strategies available for players to assimilate into their online bingo game play as well.

More on Granville’s Bingo Strategy
The mathematician, Joseph E.Granville created a bingo strategy system, as a means to mathematically calculate possible ways to win at the game of Bingo. What Granville’s bingo strategy entails is a list of card rules that need to be checked in order to be played, the card rules are as follows:

1. The cards need to be equal in number in terms of high and low numbers
2. The cards need to be equal in number in terms of odd and even numbers
3. The cards need to have the same amount of numbers ending in: 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and 9

Hopefully, when playing your cards at an online bingo casino gaming site, you’ll be given the opportunity and option to change cards dealt to you, should you be unhappy with your given selection. This way you’ll be able to aptly apply the Granville Bingo Strategy, and see if it works for you.

Another Bingo Strategy: Tippett’s Way
Brought to us and the entire bingo playing community is the Tippett Bingo strategy. Created by the British statistician, L.H.C.Tippett, this simpler and perhaps lesser known strategy is a good way to attempt to tip the bingo online casino winning scales in your favour.

The theory behind Tippett’s bingo strategy is as follows:
“when you play 75-ball bingo, the longer the game is the more likely that the numbers drawn will be closer to the medium number of 38. The shorter bingo games are more likely to have numbers drawn which are closer to 1”
(reference source:

How one can go about making use of this particular bingo strategy, especially to incorporate it to enable a win at bingo, could be one of the following:

1. When you know you will be playing a shorter game of bingo online, be sure to choose your numbers closer to 1 and 75
2. Games that are likely to take a bit longer, for example: Blackout Bingo, should be played with numbers closer to the medium of 38

Why not give this strategy a trail test, and see if Tippett’s Bingo Strategy won’t work for you?

What is there to lose, after all, excepting of course the opportunity to up your luck in this great game of absolute chance?

Being on the hunt for that elusive win at Bingo when playing at safe online casinos, the world over, you’re sure to find many overlapping tips, and many contradicting ones as well.

Your best bet would be to simply login to your favourite online casino gambling site, find the bingo online slot that you would like to spend a few good hours of gaming on, check out all the information there is available about the bingo game, it’s payout percentages and probabilities, and then don’t give any more thought about percentages, ratios and strats – simply put all that noise out of your head, and get to playing. Guaranteed, in no time, you’ll have your lucky day, and win at Bingo indeed.

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